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fire station. why the police are now investigating. >> reporter: a bart police review committee will meet later today. the discussion will focus on what happened at the civic center bart station on july 3rd. this after protesters yesterday. jaycee dugard's book is released today, but not everyone is excited about reading it. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday july 12th. i'm pam cook. and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's checkwetter and traffic. here's steve. pam and dave, thank you very much. another cool day on tap here for the weather menu. we have low clouds in place. lots of drizzle as well. so coast and bay. not really so much inland. maybe more mist there. but it's a cool pattern for those inland with only mid to upper 70s for many. and then 50s 60s closer to the coast. here's sal. steve, traffic is moving along pretty well on westbound
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highway 4. and it's not quite as wet here as it has been along the coast where we have drizzle and windshield wiper weather. moving along and taking a look at the san mateo bridge that traffic looks pretty good heading out to the high-rise. but on the peninsula there is a problem on interstate 280 getting up there daly city. ktvu's kraig debro is at the scene of a pretty serious accident. kraig. >> reporter: yeah. sal, chp is now confirming that the offramp closure here between east more and the 19th avenue exit to 280 northbound is the result of a fatality. we're located between those two accidents. a cig alert has been started. they're hoping to have this open within an hour. a motorist spotted and reported a pedestrian on 280 shortly after 3:00 a.m. this morning. the next report said the pedestrian had been struck. officers on the scene are calling this a crime scene. the chp officer i spoke with over the phone gave me this
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information said it could be because the driver of the vehicle was under the influence. the coroner's office got the call around about 3:45 according to chp. i no longer seen the coroner's van here. but it's difficult to tell looking into the flashlights of the chp officers here. again, this offramp 280 northbound to 19th avenue or highway 101 whichever you prefer closed this hour. chp hoping to open it within the hour perhaps sooner at least before the morning commute gets into full swing. reporting live in daly city, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:02. a bay area mother faces possible dui charges after her suv smashed into a san mateo fire station. it happened about 11:00 last night at fire station 27. now the suv finally stopped after completely pushing in the garage door at the fire station. that driver was rushed to the hospital. her teenage daughter was also
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in the car, but she was not hurt. a fatal bart police shooting is under review this morning. this after protesters took over three stations disrupting service yesterday afternoon. ktvu's jade hernandez is at civic center bart station this morning in san francisco to talk about what's happening today. jade. >> reporter: that's right. a bart police review committee will meet later today. the discussion will focus on what happened here at the civic center bart station the day before the 4th of july. a protester shut down that station yesterday. you can see from the video those who gathered on the bart platform demonstrating got out of hand at various times throughout the protest. protesters said they wanted to show how angry they were over the shooting death of 45-year- old charles hill, a knife wielding man, on july 3rd. bart's new independent police officer will meet at 10:00 this morning in oakland to review bart police action that night. bart created the auditor's jobbed and formed an 11 member
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review board to ensure conducted with transparency, honesty and integrity. those who managed to shut down the stations during yesterday's protests don't even trust the independent review board. >> we want to see the organization gone. we feel like they're not fit to run a policing agency. so we want to see them disbanded. >> managed to shut down some bart trains. >> managed to shut down some bart trains? >> are you proud of that? >> we are proud to be able to stop people to think about what is going on in their daily lives they don't think about. >> reporter: tried to speak to bart police chief last night but he did not have anything to say on the matter. the review committee is scheduled for later this morning in oakland at 10:00. live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have more video of yesterday's bart protests and more information on the bart police shooting on our ktvu website. just go to and look
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for the bart shooting tab. time now 5:04. a rally will be held today in support of a man who made national headlines when he was kicked off a u.s. airways plane because his pants were baggy. the rally for dation is in response to a san francisco board of supervisors resolution filed on his behalf. on june 15th the 20-year-old college student was kicked off the u.s. airways flight because of complaints his pants were baggy, his underwear visible and the pilot claimed he refuse today pull up his pants. the naacp is now suing u.s. airways saying that was racial profiling. the vallejo city council meets tonight with local american indian tribes trying to settle a controversial park protest. the city wants to build a park at the glen cove native american burial site. for three months these protesters have occupied the site of the project trying to block the construction. now tonight's meeting will be
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behind closed doors at city hall. the times herald reports city recreation officials will meet thursday to discuss whether to move forward or scale down that project. today the highly anticipated memoir by jaycee dugard goes on sale. now written in her own words a stolen life chronicles the 18 years dugard spent in the backyard antioch compound of phillip garrido. in her first television interview dugard says the book is her way of dealing with the nightmare she endured. >> why not look at it? stare it down until it can't scare you anymore. >> but not everyone is ready to hear her story. paddy and mike have been looking for their daughter since she vanished 22 years ago. they say dugard's story gives them hope that their daughter might be alive, but they don't want to know what dugard went through in case she's in a similar situation. time now 5:06. president obama and
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congressional leaders meet again today. they're struggling to reach a deal on raising the national debt limit. this will be the third day in a row they have met at the white house. a 90 minute session yesterday produced no significant progress. republicans and democrats are still far apart on what needs to be done to reduce the deficit. >> prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing if they mean what they say. >> president, i do not agree on his view the government needs more revenues through higher taxes on job creators. >> president obama says the group will meet every day until they can reach an agreement and they're facing auger 2nd deadline. today lawmakers in the house of representatives have a vote scheduled on lightbulbs. coming up at 5:15 we're going to have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom on the burning issue of freedom of choice when it comes to
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lighting your home. well, nearly two dozen san jose firefighters are getting their jobs back thanks to a federal grant. the $15 million grant allows the fire department to fill 49 positions that were lost in a controversial brown out plan last year. 22 of the 49 firefighters have accepted their jobs back but they still have to retrain. the department says it will fill the remaining 27 openings with transfers. all right. time now 5:08. sal, do we still have that major traffic problem in daly city? we do. but we just heard from kraig debro on the scene that they are going to be opening lanes pretty soon. as a matter of fact we have a live picture of the area. and you can see the police cars there the chp cruisers i think what they're going to do is they're going to start picking up the cones here. they're going to start picking up the -- not the cones. i'm sorry, it's the -- the word escapes me. there we go. this is northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. the flashers on the freeway.
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the road flairs. there you go. northbound 2 0 at 19th avenue still an area to avoid. if you want to get through that parking lot of town use alternate routes. go out and take a look at the commute here westbound bay bridge. it's light but the drizzle is going to be a problem. you will be using the windshield wipers and just slow it down out there stopping distances will be effected. in the south bay not quite as wet. 280 northbound looks pretty good driving right through downtown san jose. 5:09. let's go to steve. at least you remembered my name. that's important. >> yes. >> thank you, sir. good morning. we have low clouds, drizzle. sal's been touching on that and we've had plenty yesterday there were measurable amounts especially san francisco down to san bruno. couple one-hundredths and we're already starting off with more drizzle this morning. now as you move farther inland it's more mist. but closer to the coast and bay more drizzle. see right there that could give some clouds mendocino county, lake county.
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i don't want to say any rain or anything but it would be more than just low clouds. cool pattern in place. no doubt about it. it will be here for the whole week. so we've gone from one extreme last week to this. i mean it's just really unusual get this strong of a system in mid-july but that's what's happening. low clouds, drizzle for the coast around the bay low clouds then sunny, breezy. patchy low clouds, sunny, breezy to windy. we're already starting to see some pretty good gusts towards the delta strait and plenty of low clouds out there. water temps continue to be cool. overnight lows are cool. 52 to 57. san jose now 57. i put in 56 though at 7:00. i think they'll come down a degree or so. but it's in the same ballpark. 66 and then 72 sunny but breezy. that will be more of a west- northwest wind coming in for san jose today. west-southwest already fairfield 20 southwest vacaville west at napa south- southwest concord, west 10 at sfo. i think that's a sea breeze. and you can see one system moves in. here comes a second one behind that to kind of reinforce it and continue to dig it down.
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so i mean even southern california's getting in on a cooler pattern for july it's really cool. low clouds, fog, sun, then windy. but lots of drizzle here in the early morning hours. 50s, 60s, 70s. that's it. even areas that were 100 degrees a week ago are now struggling to get past the mid and upper 70s. no change really to thursday and then looks like a little lifting out of that system to the north which will allow temperatures to come up a little bit. all right. it's 5:11. and a rash of bus stop robberies in marin. the warning from police and the changes in the works to increase safety. is not indispensable and we have absolutely nothing invested in him remaining in power. that's some pretty tough talk from secretary of state hillary clinton after anti- american demonstrations in syria. good morning. traffic is moving along well if you're driving on interstate 880. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:14. pakistani intelligence say three u.s. drone attacks killed 38 suspected taliban fighters in northwest pakistan within a 12 hour period overnight. the attacks followed the obama administration suspension of more than one-third of u.s. military aid to pakistan. it's an indication that the white house does not intend to
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stop the unmanned drone program which is the source of tension with pakistan. in syria, angry mobs attacked the u.s. embassy. demonstrators burned the american flag and ripped the letters off the front of the embassy building. protests come after the u.s. ambassador to syria criticized the syrian government's crack down on the uprising. secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the embassy attack. >> if anyone including president ha sad thinks that the united states is secretly hoping the regime will emerge from this turmoil to continue its brutality and repression, they are wrong. >> protesters loyal to president asad and the government also targeted the frenchment embassy. it's believed they are upset by a visit of u.s. and french ambassadors to the opposition city last week. time now 5:15. the u.s. house in washington votes today on the kind of lightbulbs you can use.
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as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, republicans want to repeal a law passed a couple years ago that requires more energy efficient bulbs. allison. >> reporter: dave, republicans say it is about personal choice. they say the federal requirement that traditional incandescent bulbs be much more energy efficient costs too much and is an example of the government going too far. but democrats are pushing back. they say the new more energy efficient bulbs look just like the old bulbs, will lower your electric bills and protect the country from pollution. >> it saves the need to construct 30 coal fired plants over the next 20 years in the united states. >> reporter: now the repeal measure requires a two-thirds vote in the house. and even if it passes the house today, its prospects in the senate are dim. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burps, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:16.
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the obama administration now has ten days to say if it will appeal a court ruling prohibiting enforcement of the don't ask don't tell policy. president obama signed into law repeal of the ban last year. but that repeal doesn't go into effect until 60 days after the pentagon certifies that military readiness will not be effected by dropping that policy. marin county sheriff's deputies are warning people about a series of robberies at the bus station in marin city. there have been five incidents in the last three weeks near don hue street. the most recent happened this past weekend. the independent journal reports work to improve safety at the bus stops will begin after labor day. new bus shelters will get lighting and walls will be lowered to increase visibility. time now 5:17. a search for a man in mow wee has been suspended according to local reports. police say 44-year-old david pots was knocked into a blowhole saturday afternoon. take a look at this youtube
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video. we found this of the blowhole. it's incredible. the search was called off last night after three days. rescuers face very challenging conditions including as you can imagine rough waters and poor visibility. he was on vacation with his wife and child. more than 10,000 new homes in san francisco are a step closer now to reality after a new court ruling. the chronicle reports a judge threw out most of the legal challenges to the development plan that calls for the new homes at the old hunters point naval shipyard. the judge made the ruling yesterday saying environmental reviews for the project are adequate. now critics say the area has naturally occurring asbestos as well as other pollution problems. 5:18 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal to check in on traffic. sal. pam and dave, good morning to you. we still have a problem in daly city. they're opening up lanes 280 northbound at 19th avenue. they were picking up flares
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last time we caught them and then our crew had to move off the freeway which is actually a good sign. they're going to open up all the lanes and traffic should be doing pretty well once they do. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. a light delay at the toll plaza. but, again, the drizzle is going to be there this morning. steve says it's not quite as bad as it was yesterday but it's still wet in some parts of the west bay. and this morning's commute is going to be okay on the east shore freeway driving out from berkeley. 5:19. here's steve. sal, thank you, sir. very good morning. cooler pattern. i can tell because last week the cat slept downstairs right on the air-conditioning vent. now he's upstairs this week. so it's cooler. you can tell. everything's changed dramatically. we've gone from 90s and 100s inland to 70s for many. the system that's moved in to the north in fact in oregon is going to sit there for a while. it has really ramped up the fog and low clouds. and also a by-product of that not only the cooler windy pattern but also drizzle.
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in fact very heavy drizzle yesterday from san francisco to sb san bruno about .02 to .03. when you start getting measurable amounts you're talking a decent amount there coming in. other areas just misty conditions. 50s but already a southwest or a west-southwest win from the golden gate. and from sfo all the way across san pablo bay and then even out to the delta. so sacramento valley has cooled off. everybody's cooled off. sacramento valley, san joaquin valley, you know when it makes it that far it's a strong system for this time of year. low overcast, drizzle. it's up around 2500 to 3,000 feet. it flies over the coastal hills. the cooling inland continues. i don't think you can get much cooler coast and bay with 50s and 60s but for july it's an extremely cool pattern. looks like tomorrow we should bottom out but it's not going anywhere until about friday. fog, sun, windy conditions or blustery conditions. lots of morning drizzle. 50s 60s coast and bay.
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60s 70s inland to upper 70s could be few low 80s well, well inland but temperatures have come way down. they'll stay that way through thursday. gradual warm up but a little as we head through the weekend. right now stock markets around the world are all down this morning on worries about the ongoing debt crisis in europe. overnight investors in the far east showed their concerns. south korea's fell 2%. hong kong closed down 3%. australia's key market also fell 1.8%. checking in on wall street, our markets are set for a lower opening as well. and that follows losses yesterday. take a look dow jones off 151 points to 12,505. to make things worse here at home cisco systems big bay area company expected to cut as many as 10,000 jobs. so not a lot of good news. alcoa what the first to report
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quarterly earnings. the aluminum giant reports net income hit $322 million nearly double from last year at this time last year but it missed economists forecast. so that stock headed lower as well. >> yeah. time now 5:20. the american idols are back here in the bay area. where you can see your favorite finalists. and an unusual traffic stop in sacramento. the parent who put their 14- year-old behind the wheel. good morning. if you're driving on interstate 680 looks pretty good getting spot south bay. so far we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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good morning. low clouds. drizzle. it will be a cool day. in fact upper 70s for areas like antioch and oakland and even morgan hill to gill roy and maybe up to clear lake which tells us it's cool. drizzle will give way as well to sunshine but breezy to windy at times. freeway back open in san diego county this morning. that's after a brush fire brought traffic to a stop. take a look. this was the scene on interstate 5 in will hoya yesterday. crews had to shut down traffic in both directions while firefighters put out the flames. the total of two acres burned. no word on what caused that fire. police in sacramento say two parents let their 14-year- old son get behind the wheel because they were too drunk to drive. it happened saturday night. police say the parents wanted
5:26 am
more beer, so they had their son drive them to the store. but the family ended up at a dui check point. police did not arrest the parents but did give them a citation. time now 5:25. this is called the worst case of landlord neglect the city of oakland has ever seen. but now residents may finally be getting justice. it's a story we've been following for months. people living with broken bathroom fixtures, mold and roaches. the building's owned by hon win garden. now the city supervisors stepped in. >> these are low income seniors, disabled people, immigrants. a lot of people being taken advantage of. even if they were aware of conditions, it's not safe for anyone in the community. it's really unacceptable. >> after reviewing the thousands of claims, gardener has now been ordered to pay an $80,000 fine. for her building she currently owns they'll undergo repairs
5:27 am
and put up for sale. while the repairs are being done though the residents won't be required to pay rent. well, tonight your season ten american idols are coming to the bay area. ♪ [ music ] >> that's this year's winner scot ty mccreery. tonight he and the other finalists bring the tour to oakland. santa cruz natives and fan favorite james durbin also part of the tour. he says fans will be treated to an exciting show. well, students at many california universities may soon be paying more to go to class. the two fee hikes being voted on this week. an early morning fire in san pablo. why it was such a close call for a mother and her baby. and a fatal accident on interstate 280. we're live at the scene as highway patrol gets ready to reopen the lanes for the morning commute. and if you're driving on 237 trying to get into the valley so far so good.
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heading west we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's tuesday july 12th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's now 5:30. and still pretty cool out there. steve paulson has the forecast. hi, steve. pam cook, dave clark, good morning. it is cool out there. we have low clouds, drizzle
5:31 am
again. temperatures have come way down. i penciled in one 80 today. that would be clear lake. that's the only one. even morgan hill and gill roy upper 70s. even from up towards i mean ewe chi ya might only come in at 79. it's cool antioch 78. 60s and 70s in between sunny, and breezy. traffic on highway 4 looks good up to the willow pass grade. it's not quite as with the here. father inland there goes bart, bart's on time. also this morning looking at interstate 880 and traffic is moving well in both directions. 5:31 back to the desk. thank you. we continue to follow developing news right now. one person is dead after an overnight car crash on interstate 280. ktvu's kraig debro is there now with the details on this continuing chp investigation. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, dave. we've moved to the daly city bart station. the chp removed the accident from the area of the highway that was causing the disruption. so we had to move off the highway as well.
5:32 am
happened around 3:00 a.m. this morning. that's when the chp says it got a call from a motorist that there was a pedestrian on the roadway. the next call they got was that the pedestrian was down in the roadway when chp showed up on the scene the person had already died. no id available. chp was calling it a crime scene for a little while. that is because the pedestrian had died in the traffic accident. i spoke to chp officer over the phone he told me that sometimes when they have a fatality on the highway and they're calling it crime scene it may be because there's a driver who's under the influence. none of that's been worked out just yet. they issued a cig alert but that's all over by now. they were diverting traffic from 280 northbound to 280 southbound rather it will 0 northbound and 280 southbound and closed the 19th avenue exit. that is now open. it's been open for about 25 minutes. reporting live in daly city, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning.
5:33 am
emeryville police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who seriously hurt a pedestrian. it happened shortly before 2:30 this morning at the intersection of san pablo avenue and add align street. websites say a dark colored suv hit a woman and then drove off into oakland. the victim is a 22-year-old woman. police say she is being treated for severe injuries. if you have any information please call emeryville police. well, it was a close call for a mother and her baby rescued from an early morning fire in san pablo. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus joins us now to talk about what caused this fire. allie. >> reporter: well, it happened in the hill top apartment building complex right here behind us. this is in san pablo. we had been set up inside right next to the apartment where the fire started. but short timing a the property managers kicked us off the property. firefighters said what caused this fire is that a woman who lived in the apartment building had fallen asleep with a pot on the stove. it happened around 2:00 this
5:34 am
morning. firefighters let us inside the apartment building where this fire started. you can't see a lot of fire damage, but according to firefighters there was smoke everywhere inside. in fact, some of the neighbors early this morning told us that some of that smoke damage extended to some of the neighboring apartment units. the smoke triggered the apartment's sprinkler system. a mother and her infant daughter were inside the apartment at the time. and firefighters say that sprinkler system probably saved their lives. >> the threat was not from fire. the threat was from smoke. the bedroom door was open. the entire apartment was charred full of smoke and another five minutes it would have been much different. >> reporter: now the mother and daughter were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation. they were later transported to medical center in richmond. firefighters say while the apartment's sprinkler system activated, the apartment's smoke detector did not. the battalion chief we spoke to wanted to put out the word that it's a good time to remind everyone to double check smoke detectors and make sure it's
5:35 am
working. in this case things worked out and the mother and daughter are supposed to be fine but firefighters warn it's always a good idea to make sure your smoke detector is fully functional. we're in san pablo, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:34. now we have more information about that second shooting on the delta trail in pittsburg. east bay regional park police say a 14-year-old boy was shot in the stomach early yesterday morning. police say he was walking with friends drinking alcohol and firing off a stolen gun at the time. he is expected to survive. police say this shooting is not related to last week's fatal shooting of 20-year-old marcus jackson less than a half mile away. the family of missing nursing student michelle le has increased the reward for information leading to her whereabouts. it's now at $100,000. now le was last seen 46 days ago at hayward medical center. hayward police are investigating the case as a homicide but le's body has not been found.
5:36 am
the le family is organizing two search parties this friday and saturday. right now a 13-year-old autistic boy is on his way back home after being found more than 300 miles away. he was reported missing from his san jose home at 6:30 yesterday morning. friends and family quickly made flyers and began searching the neighborhood. >> very scary. i know this happened to my family i know i would want my neighbors, family and friends step up and pitch in and help out. >> now yesterday afternoon surveillance video from a nearby greyhound bus station showed him buying a ticket to hollywood. the family says he wanted to meet some of his favorite television stars. los angeles police picked him up from the station. he's expected to be back home within the hour. time now 5:36. california state university trustees are expected to vote today on a proposed 12% tuition hike. if it's approved, that hike
5:37 am
would cost a full time undergrad an additional $294 per semester. that means the annual tuition would be more than $5400. it's not clear if that tuition increase will take effect in the fall or next spring. and on thursday university of california regents are scheduled to vote on a proposed fee hike. if the 9.6% tuition hike is approved, tuition and fees would climb to $12,00200 a year. that hike would take effect this fall. well, it's an old idea with a new twist. splitting california into two states. coming up at 5:45 the proposal that leaves a big chunk of southern california out of what would be the new 51st state. well, pg&e is requesting a jury trial to fight lawsuits filed by victims of the san bruno explosion. the company made the request in a new court filing that also said pg&e should not have to
5:38 am
pay the dozens of people suing. pg&e says the explosion was caused by a third party that weakened the pipeline. the filing also suggests sewer workers and even the victims themselves are responsible for any losses. time now 5:37. for some people when they think of oakland they think of crime and they think of budget problems. however, a new contest is trying to change oakland's image. the contest is called i choose oakland. the residents and business owners are being asked to submit photos and video showing why they choose to call oakland home. city officials hope this contest will show others the good things about life in oakland. about 100 photos and seven videos are now open for judging. the winners will get two air fare tickets to oakland as well as other prizes. the winners will be announced next month and you can help decide. go to the right now section on our channel 2 website and you'll get more
5:39 am
information. all right. 5:38 is the time. let's check in with sal for traffic this morning. sal. all right. good morning, pam and dave. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we're looking at highway 4 westbound. remember yesterday we had kind of a bad day here. right now traffic does look pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. also this morning's commute looks good if you are driving on to the san mateo bridge. small delay at the toll plaza then off you go over to the peninsula with no major problems. and if you're driving in contra costa county already some slow traffic on highway 4 heading west which is not unusual. 680 however looks good from concord to walnut creek and down into the san ramon valley also going to see some traffic that's going to be busy if you are driving on hayward's freeways 880 at 92. but not all that bad on 880 just yet. 5:39. let's go to steve. sal, thank you very much. and our cooler pattern is in place. and it's only going to flex its muscle a little bit. it's been drinking its protein shakes and working out. this is well below average for
5:40 am
inland areas. we've gone from one extreme to the other in one week. seems to be the pattern though. fog, drizzle, cool and breezy this week looks very cool in fact breezy to windy. low clouds decrease each day because inland temperatures nothing really left to support it. a little warmer as we head towards the weekend but not a lot. signs maybe next week we might warm up but not a consensus on it. piece of system there swinging in you can actually see it right there. that may give more than just low clouds say mendocino county and lake county. i'll mention it one of our forecast models actually put a little hint of some rain there but it probably won't do much but might give us more clouds. so temperatures continue along with the low clouds to stay well below average and also that sea breeze is really kicked in. 52 to 57. that 5 # 52's at san rafael but concord 55. 55 redwood city. mown sane rue 54. 53 oakland. napa 54. west-southwest or southwest and it's, well, it's turbo charged and heading all the way out to the sacramento valley. so it's a cool breeze.
5:41 am
and that's the reason why. that low coming in there's another secondary system like spokes in the wheel that come in and keeps dipping, dipping, dipping. the end result is that opens the sea breeze door wider. so the cooling inland not coast and bay. it just can't get much cooler there. we're already in the 50s and 60s. but very, very cool for july as the temperature trend inland on the highs will probably bottom out wednesday or thursday and then start a rebound. fog or low clouds, drizzle, lots of local drizzle coast and bay. cool for july. temperatures really cool. i went with one 80. that was clear lake. 77 st. helena. petaluma 72. san rafael 68. fairfield only 74. 76 pittsburg. 62 berkeley, oakland. walnut creek only 72. 74 danville. 78 morgan hill. 72 san jose. even 74 saratoga. 71 sunny vale. 73 woodside. ratherton yesterday 73. today lots of upper 60s low 70s
5:42 am
or upper ooze along parts of the san mateo coast. cooler into thursday and slight rebound back in the 80s on the weekend. 5:41 is the time right now. the last space walk of the last space shuttle mission. a look at what the astronauts are doing this morning on their stroll through space. also former first lady betty ford will be remembered today in southern california. the dignitaries who are expected to be at her funeral this afternoon. good morning. if you're driving in the south bay so far here in san jose looks pretty good. you can see it. tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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sunny, windy. highs very cool for this time of year. 70s inland. 50s 60s closer to the coast and bay. all right. time now 5:44. heat wave in the midwest and the south, well, it is spreading to the east coast. 23 states and washington d.c. are under heat advisories. the extreme heat already proven dangerous. in illinois a man died sunday due to excessive heat. his air-conditioning wasn't working. in oklahoma city temperatures have been in the triple digits for almost two weeks now. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories we're following for you right now at 5:45. the northbound lanes of interstate 280 in san francisco they've reopened now after a fatal car crash this morning. someone hit a pedestrian just after 3:00 this morning. the chp is investigating that crash. a bay area mother faces possible dui charges after her suv smashed into a san mateo fire station. this happened around 11:00 last night at fire station 27.
5:46 am
the driver was rushed to the hospital. her teenage daughter who was also in the car was not hurt. and this morning bart's police review committee meets. they will discuss the fatal shooting of a man by bart police last week. it was that shooting that sparked this rowdy protest that disrupted bart service during yesterday evening's commute. well, today is the first of two funeral services for former first lady betty ford. michelle obama, several former first ladies and former presidents are expected at this afternoon's private ceremony in palm desert. her body will then be flown to michigan tomorrow for another service on thursday. she will then be buried next to her husband, former president gerald ford, at the presidential museum. betty ford died last week at the age of 93. the texas rangers fan who fell to his death last week during a game has been laid to rest. 39-year-old firefighter shannon stone was with his 6-year-old
5:47 am
son last thursday when he leaned over the railing and fell while trying to catch a ball a player had thrown into the stands. about 1,000 people gathered in brownwood, texas, for the funeral. time now 5:46. new reports about the nfl. some sources familiar with the negotiations and the nfl lockout think they'll be in agreement in place soon. the attorneys for both sides meet again today in new york. now sources believe the nfl and the players association will reach a deal that can be ratified during league meetings next week. a rookie pay scale as well as revenue splits have been a sticking point so far. we're less than two weeks away from the scheduled opening of some of the team's training camps. a southern california county supervisor is reviving an old idea, splitling california into two states. but with a new twist. riverside supervisor jeff stone, a republican, wants 13 conservative southern california counties to join
5:48 am
together and form south california. the new state would not include the more liberal los angeles county. the riverside county board of supervisors will vote on the proposal today. time now 5:47. former foster city councilman ron cox has died. he was 61 years old. he'd been struggling with declining health brought on by complications related to diabetes. now cox was first selected to the city council in 1999. he was there until his second term expired in 2007. at the time of his death he was an active member of the city's planning commission. cox is survived by his wife and three children. now memorial service is scheduled for 1:30 friday at the central peninsula church in foster city. well, happening right now. they are getting ready for walk space shuttle. and michael and ron take a look here. here's inside the -- i believe we're inside the space station
5:49 am
right now. they get ready to -- yep, we are live up inside the space station. they're getting ready to head outside. they plan to retrieve a broken ammonia pump from the outside of the space station. now nasa has extended this final shuttle mission. atlantis is now scheduled to return to florida a week from thursday. >> how'd you get in there? >> isn't that great? i think we're going to get to talk to them thursday morning too. >> i'm looking forward to that. time now 5:49. we get to talk to sal. you've been busy from the time you walked in, sal. >> yeah. there have been a couple of trouble spots out there. but we will let you know that things are getting a little bit better. do outside and take a look at 237. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. no major problems here. the traffic continues to look good to 101. also the morning commute on 680 southbound is moving along nicely past mission boulevard and the golf course there all the way to san jose. and if you are driving approaching the bay bridge westbound traffic is light so far although you can tell it is
5:50 am
getting busier. steve. yes, sal? >> do you think we'll see the sun in san francisco today? >> there's always parts of the city that get it. north mission -- there's always parts. along the embarcadero, financial district, usually they get the sun. i think they will. it's a cool pattern in place and it's going to really effect more inland areas as they continue to come down in the temperatures. now the fog should get chewed up here. there's really not much left to support it but there's plenty there right now. so low clouds and drizzle, low clouds, breezy, patchy clouds, sunny, breezy to windy at times inland. temperatures overnight lows in the 50s and highs in the 60s and 70s. the fog continues to get ramped up as that system just rotates around continues to enhance it. so 52 to 57 on your temps. currently 57 san jose. 56 at 7:00 in the morning. it will be close. cloudy to mostly cloudy, clearing by noon. sunny but breezy 72 only for downtown san jose. i mean that's pretty cool. west-southwest 20 at fairfield.
5:51 am
west-southwest oakland. south-southwest concord. southwest out to vacaville. west wind towards stockton. again, stockton getting a west wind tells you everything you need to know. there's a roaring sea breeze. higher elevations couple thousand feet up. stock system in the pacific northwest. tail end might give clouds to mendocino county, lake county later on. for us it's a continuation of the low clouds, drizzle, very cool for july. temperatures come doing inland probably settle in today or tomorrow but 60s to right near 80 and that would be it for clear lake. napa 74. 76 only in pittsburg. 74 danville. san leandro 64. alameda only 61. 72 san jose. santa clara 71 sunny vale and 70 redwood city palo alto, mountain view a lot of 60s or upper 50s close tore san francisco along the coast. cooler pattern, warmer towards the weekend. well, wants california voters to decide if online retailers should have to
5:52 am
collect state sales tax. amazon has thousands of affiliates in california until last week. that's when california lawmakers passed a new law to collect taxes saying that moons as much as $300 million a year in sales tax for the state. here's my favorite story. the university of iowa business school thinks a good tweet is worth $37,000. that's the price of the full scholarship that a student can win with the best 140 character essay on why they want to go to college. school officials say tweeting makes students get to the point quickly and improve social media skills both useful in business. why you want to go to college in 140 characters or less. >> i'm writing now. >> i love it. time now 5:52. joe montana preparing to heave another along one. how the 49 legend will use his speaking skills today to try to make one of his business dreams come true. it's really delicious, mom.
5:53 am
5:54 am
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. hey parents, it's going to be a see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings.
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i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool! so, here's what they'll need: denim, graphic tees, leggings and tunics, more denim, backpacks, headphones, hair gel, denim, converse one star shoes, denim, shaun white hoodies and denim. school takes a lot. target has it all. welcome wac. time now 5:55. dramatic expansion of stanford university's medical center gets final approval. look at the video of what the new center will look like. last night's final vote from the palo alto city council comes after stanford agreed to relocate one of the day dear centers at another site. one of the parents promises to stop construction until the center can be moved.
5:56 am
the expansion will add about 1.3 million square feet of new development to the city. 49er great joe montana is expected to make a personal appearance at the santa clara city council meeting tonight. montana is part of an investment team wanting to develop a luxury hotel across from the planned 49ers stadium. the investment team would like an exclusive 18 month window to negotiate a deal. santa clara city manager is reportedly against giving montana's team the exclusive window. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 . time now 5:56. major league baseball's all star game is tonight. and one of the most popular events leading up to the game is home run derby. oh he's a bad boy. robinson of the yankees hit an all star record by crushing 12 home runs. he still had four outs when he
5:57 am
passed 11 homers hit in the final round by his red sox rival adrian gonzalez. he's the third yankee to win that competition. you can see tonight's all star game right here on ktvu channel 2. coverage begins at 5:00 tonight. and six bay area players are on the combined rosters too. national league manager bruce has five players off the giants roster. the a's have just one player in the game. that's gonzalez. coming up on 6:00. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic right now. sal. yeah. i wasted about three hours watching that last night. >> that's not wasted. [ laughter ] >> i'm kidding. it was productive time. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the freeway northbound 280 looks pretty good getting up into the valley. no major problems on highway 17. 680 as you pass mission boulevard that traffic looks pretty good. if you are driving to the bay bridge to the plaza, so far so good with more people beginning to show up.
5:58 am
it's 5:57. let's go back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. what is next for bart in the wake of yesterday's rowdy protest that shut down some trains. the very latest on the demonstration in the officer involved shooting they were protesting. plus what bart officials will be discussing in just a few hours. good morning. lots of low clouds, drizzle again. temperatures remaining cool. we'll have those coming up in two minutes.
5:59 am

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